Innovation Festival 2015

Date: maart 2015
Location: DRU Industriepark in Ulft
Goal: Promote the Achterhoek Region as the innovative region

The Achterhoek seems to be one big organization where all companies, institutions and networks, but most of all the residents share in. In the end it are these residents who make the difference. With the sharpness of it’s residents, the acting-mentality and the connecting power. We call it “New Craftmanship”.

Achterhoek NV is a collective of people, companies and institution who love the region. Where men and women of all ages and backgrounds comply unconditionally and fully committed to strengthen the innovative power and enterprising character of the Achterhoek region.

Commissioned by Achterhoek NV, Mood Concepts organized from March 25 till March 28 the Innovation Festival “New Craftmanschip” 2015 at the Dru Industriepark in Ulft. Besides the CVI-conference, organized by the CVI, Mood Concepts organized the New Craftmanship Awards, a company party for more then 1.000 guests and a public- and technical day. Actherhoek NV was opened by Minister, Jet Bussemaker.

Photography by Stan Bouman Photography.