Mood Lounge

Litterally at the edge of the forest, in te centre of the Veluwe, you’ll find the beautiful white farm ‘de Zandhoeve’ built in 1880. De Zandhoeve is located at the border of the small towns Laag-Soeren en Eerbeek, just outside the cosy town, Laag-Soeren.

Mood Lounge ‘de Zandhoeve’ opened her doors at November 1, 2012. The formal restaurant is furnished to a multifunctional location, which can be hired by companies and private individuals for exclusive workshops, teambuildings, staff parties, weddings, relationship events, lunches, dinners, markets, presentations, barbecues, funerals or cooking workshops from 10 till 80 persons.

The warm, lifestyle-like, modern decoration provides an appropriate entourage for every event.

Besides Mood Lounge ‘de Zandhoeve’ houses a multifunctional lounge, which kan be hired per hour by small entrepreneurs or independents. A very representative, which has all modern comforts. Mood Lounge ‘de Zandhoeve’ also provides the ultimate weddinglocation in combination with the small church of Laag-Soeren at the opposite  of the farm.

At the moment we are working on several all-inclusive arrangements, which you can find at our special website soon. If you would like further information or make an optional reservation, you can call us at 0313-619348.

Mood Lounge